About Sustainable World Fund

Medina Market - Conakry, Guinea

Earth is in need of a broad spectrum change that makes a difference for the generations to come. The Step by Step Sustainable World Fund has identified a niche where it can make a difference in global environmental health and the social fabric of societies less fortunate than our own.

The Step by Step Sustainable World Fund represents a group of organizations made up of social entrepreneurs engaged in recycling since 1994 to help both the environment and micro-entrepreneurs in West Africa. We consist of individuals and businesses in the United States, Mali, Guinea and the Republic of Liberia – directing shoes recovered in North America to micro entrepreneurs who recondition shoes for distribution to local communities in Bamako, Conakry, and Monrovia.

Our efforts are sustained by the generosity of North American consumers who yearn to do what they can to preserve the global environment, and the tireless efforts of micro entrepreneurs who conserve usable but worn footwear, ensuring its reuse. Our combined efforts reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide, reduce flows to landfills, prevent the incineration of potentially toxic materials used in shoe production, and put affordable shoes on the feet of those in need.

Thank you for recycling.

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