The Step By Step Sustainable World Fund reclaims worn, reusable footwear from the waste stream and uses this resource to help fund other 501 c 3 organizations.  Our goal is fostering environmental and social practices that are sustainable over the long term.  Our efforts:

• Reduce the flow of useable shoes to incinerators and landfills;

• Supply shoes to consumers in the poorest countries of Africa; and

• Support organizations dedicated to environmental and social good works.

Consistent with its commitment to a sustainable future, Step by Step replaces the old concept of “use and discard” with a program to divert gently used shoes from the waste stream for re-use. Gently used shoes are consolidated at a warehouse in West Springfield, Massachusetts, graded for quality, and then shipped to consumers in Africa.

The Step By Step Sustainable World Fund is a part of the tax exempt FJC Foundation of Philanthropic Funds Collective Giving Program.  FJC is a registered 501c3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service (EIN: 13-3848582). All paired shoes collected benefit the Step By Step Sustainable World Fund which turns your used shoes into funding for 501c 3 tax exempt organizations focussed on environmental and social action. Shoe donations to the fund are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and support tax exempt organizations involved with environmental and social sustainability.

For more information please email: recycle@sustainableworldfund.org.